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Who We Are

Total Resources Exploration SRL, (TREx) is an Exploration Company with global coverage, which offers specialized services in Geosciences with the support of a multidisciplinary and diversified team of professionals who have extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry.

Technical Team

We have an outstanding technical field team to ensure safe, timely and efficient completion of any seismic project. With experience operating in extreme environments and severe weather conditions, our team is prepared and ready to tackle any mission or task.


TREx is a company focused on "customer service", resulting in safe and efficient planning and execution of exploration projects throughout the world.

In a globalized, dynamic and highly competitive world, the execution of successful projects leads to the establishment of effective strategies, to improve the quality of the service and to provide end products with added value for our Clients.

Working as a team with our Clients is essential to succeed in all phases of the operation, such as: Health, Hygiene, Safety, Environment Care and cordial interaction with the communities of direct and indirect influence, with the aim to establish TREx as the most effective exploration company, both operationally and economically for our Clients.


To be the most reliable company offering Geoscience exploration services for the sectors of Oil, Gas, Minerals and Renewable Energy Resources.

To be a company in continuous improvement and geared to meet the technical and operational needs of our Clients.

To be a company focused on the prevention of accidents for our operations, protecting the integrity of our employees, sub-contractors and staff visiting our projects, through the implementation of corporate policies aimed to fulfill our goal of zero accidents and zero environmental, labor and social liabilities.


The essential values of TREx staff are: professionalism, ethics, integrity, honesty, quality, zero tolerance to corruption, kindness, courtesy, respect to the environment and respect for people without distinction of race, culture, creed, gender or economic status and by any other condition.

Policies and Standards

Code of Ethics
Anti-corruption Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Security Policy
Environmental Policy
Quality Management Policy
Transportation Policy
Substance Abuse Policy
Training Policy

Program of Discipline Standard
Respectful Workplace & Conduct Standard
Personal Protective Equipment Standard (PPE)
Workplace Non Smoking Standard
Work Alone Standard
Worker “Right to Refuse Work” Standard
Use or Possession of Firearms in the Workplace Standard

What We Do

TREx is a company that offers exploration services in the area of Geosciences Global Positioning, Topography, Seismic, Gravity, Magnetometry, Magnetotellurics, Electromagnetism, Management and Land Support to marine works such as: Streamer, OBC and TZ Geo hydrology, Electrical, Well Logs, Data Processing and Interpretation) for the energy sector, with the highest standards of Safety, Security, Occupational Health, Environment and Quality of the information, focused on the achievement of the objectives of their Clients.

TREx is a multicultural company mainly composed of Spanish-speaking staff, integrated to multidisciplinary work teams from worldwide, being of paramount importance that all personnel involved in the projects learn about the working philosophy of the company and is committed to meet or exceed the provisions laid down in the contracts with our Clients. All members of TREx are committed to the Mission, Vision, Values and Policies and Standards.

The operational experience of the TREx staff ensures to carry out projects in jungle, desert, mountain, difficult areas and extreme weather, environmentally sensitive areas, socially sensitive and/or populated areas, as well as maritime exploration projects in deep water, shallow waters and transition zones, providing to our Clients an efficient implementation of their projects, without creating environmental and social liabilities.

We provide portable drilling equipment for mountain areas and truck mounted hydraulic equipment or buggies for accessible areas, we can also provide logistics and camp assembly with full services for the industry.


All people in our work teams receive continuous training in Health, Safety, Environmental Care and Quality in Customer Service, as well as respect and good relationship with communities in the area of direct and indirect influence to our exploratory activities.

Our Commitment

All people involved in our operations are committed to the policies of the Company, whose objectives are:


Safety and Security


Zero Diseases
Zero Accidents
Zero Environmental Liabilities
Zero Social Liabilities
100% Client Satisfaction

QHSE Documents

Transportation Policy
Substance Abuse Policy
Environment Protection Policy
Professional Ethics Code
Personal Behavior Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Security Policy
Training Policy
Anti-corruption policy
Quality Management Policy


  • Global experience in Geosciences Projects

    Geoscience Projects searching for hydrocarbons

Joint Ventures

Bolivia - Colombia - Iran - Mexico - Peru - United Kingdom

TREx Staff executive experience allows Joint Ventures and Investment Agreements in Multiclient Projects of Oil and Gas Exploration, with local or international companies located in North America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

TREx Joint Ventures allows the integration of work teams with local or foreign staff, depending on the location and the project feature, with the purpose of providing efficient and competitive operating costs.


We are proud of the human value, professional ethics, the wealth of knowledge and operational experience of the personnel involved in our projects.
Our experience drives us to be operationally efficient, to participate in a very competitive economic and technological market.
We are looking for people willing to face these challenges and join our selected group of professionals that make our company, for openings in the different areas:

Survey / GPS
Quality Control
Data processing
Data Interpretation

In all of our roles, we seek proactive people, self-motivated, enthusiastic, well organized and adaptable to the conditions of work, who enjoy a challenge and willing to do their best for their own benefit and the company.

TREx is now a young company with high growth potential, we would like to continue in this process and develop new areas of opportunities for our staff.

We hope you will join us in this way, to be part of a multidisciplinary team, committed to efficiency and service quality.

How to apply

If you have the technical qualities and operational skills to help us achieve our goals, our door is always open. Please see our available roles and complete your application for employment.


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